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Formal & Informal Letter

What is correspondence?

Correspondence are transactions between people, organization, group, agency, institution which can be formal or informal. Correspondence simply means letter.

Three Things to consider while writing letters.

1. The Content: this has to do with things you say in your letter. What you are trying to let the reader/receiver of the letter know. Each correspondence you write must have clear content, message that are so easy for the reader to understand.

2. The organization: this is how you construct or place the content or message of a letter, In organization you must take note of four important things which are:

1. Address

2. Date

3. The salutation

4. The title/heading/topic

5. The body of the letter

6. The conclusion/closing remark

7. Subscription eg, yours faithfully/ signature & names.

3. The expression: this means the way we present our ideas or the way we try to say the things in our mind. Expression is the way we try to express our familiarity and the way we express tenor, tone, and mood.

Types of letter

There are two types of letter.

  1. Formal
  2. Informal

What is formal letter?

Formal letter are letters we write to organization, institution or any authority. Anybody standing as authority, which you have no personal relationship with them.


How to write a formal letter

1. Address: The first thing you need to consider when writing a formal letter is the address. The address of a formal letter must be two, one for the writer which will be at the top right side, while one for the receiver will be at the left side of the letter.

There are two rules guiding address;

1. Punctuation

2. Date: at the bottom of the writer address, he/she must add a date of the day he wrote the letter. Look at the image below to see how the date will be written.

3. The salutation: after the address, the next thing that will follow is the salutation which will be the below of the receivers address, example of salutation are; “.dear sir, dear ma, your excellency mr governor & lot more.” Look at the image below for more information.

4. The title/heading: this is the title of your letter, it always follows the salutation. Things to consider while writing titles/heading: A.  If you write your heading in capital letter form don’t underline it. B. If you start the heading with lowercase/small letter, you can underline it.

5. The body: this is where you express your idea

6. The conclusion:  this is the end of the letter where you concluded and ended the discussion.

7. Subscription: at the end of your letter the subscription


What is informal letter?

Informal letter are letter we write to our relatives, friend and family. This are letter in which we can express our feelings the way we want.

1. Address: when writing an informal letter, one address is required, which is the writer’s address. It is always at the top write side of your letter.

2. Date: after writing the address add the date of the day you write it.

3. The salutation: the next thing that follows address in an informal letter is salutation. It is written at the left side of the letter eg; dear sir, dear wale, dear Jane.

4. The title/heading: heading/title is not required while writing an informal letter.

5. The body: this is where you express your feelings and ideas.

6. The conclusion: This is the end of the letter where you concluded and ended the discussion.

7. Subscription: this is the place where you add, yours sincerely and your name. Only the y in front of the yours faithfully Note informal letter doesn’t require signature at the subscription section. Only yours sincerely.

What is the Differrent Between Formal and Informal Letter.

The difference between formal and informal letter is very clear as the two can not be compare together.

  1.  Formal letters are written to authorities above us while Informal are personal letters. Informal letters are letter written to our relatives or friend.
  2. When writing formal letter we go straight to the point, but we can indirectly communicate in informal ltter.
  3. Formal letter address are two while Informal letter is one.
  4. Signature is always required at the end of a formal letter but not in Informal letter.
  5. When writing a Formal letter, we can’t use slang or jargons, but slangs and jargons is allow in Informal letter.

Thanks for reading to the end of the page. Hope you learn something? If you do, kindly comment below and share the post for others to read and understand.


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