hazard of news reporting
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In this section, you are going to learn and understand the hazard of news reporting, but before we go deep into the topic we are going to explain the meaning of hazard and hazard of news reporting in brief.


Who are news reporter

A news  reporter can be defined as skilled personnel of a media organization that writes and deliver news story, to the public through the medium of newspaper, television, radio, etc. the major task of a reporter include investigating leads, gathering facts, speaking with eyewitnesses, and writing compelling news articles following the terms and condition laid down by the Broadcasting Organization Of Nigeria – BON and NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMMISSION – NBC.


Hazard of news reporting are challenge that silent or


  1. Denial or reduction in the supply of newsprint;

A newspaper power to published to be contained on censor through the outraged denial or reduction in the supply of newsprints.

2. Illegal detention, harassment, and intimidation;

This is another major means through which the practice of journalism is threatening. In several countries of the world especially the developing, stories abound about how journalists are illegally detained on flimsy charges or no charges at all.

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3. Over taxation by the government;

A repressive government can also obstruct the practice of journalism through over-taxation. When govt overtax a media firm whether legally or illegally that organization will surely find it difficult to break even. Even newspaper publishing is not money-spinning business and so whenever a govt introduce all kind of taxes then it is trying to force out the publishers out of business, using such subtle as taxing.

4. Withdrawal of license;

The govt could also threaten the practice of press freedom through threat to withdraw or actually withdrawal of operating licenses. This type of intimidation and threat is usually obtainable in countries where media houses are required by their govt to register with them to be issued operating licenses.

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