Create a Jamb Profile and Register it 2021/2022
Create a Jamb Profile and Register it 2021/2022

Did you realize that prior to signing up to participate in Jamb 2021 registration, you need to create a Jamb profile? The creation of a Jamb profile is the first step to registering for the 2021/2022 jamb Utme. Other steps include purchasing Jamb E-pin registration, Jamb registration, a mock examination, Jamb cbt examination, Jamb results, and admission. Therefore, any candidate who plans to appear for the jamb 2020 Utme examination should make an account on the Jamb portal.

What Is Jamb Profile?

I’ve spoken to a lot of new candidates who are signing up for the 2021 jamb in the very first instance do not know much about the jamb profile, let alone being able to make one. The jamb profile is an account on the jamb’s portal, which contains information on the candidate who has registered for the jamb 2021. The Jamb Profile creation allows the person to purchase a jamb registration pin. By using your jamb profile, you will be able to accomplish a number of tasks on the jamb’s website, which include. Exam centre checking, checking admission status, printing and viewing of the jamb results, printing admission letters.

Create Jamb Profile Now

I’m sure that the majority of the jamb candidates think it is difficult to make a jamb profile. That’s the reason they go to cybercafes and give their money. why do you dash out your money? what exactly is a jamb profile? It’s nothing other than registering an account on a jamb that records your personal information. Glad you’re here. Today, you can make your own jamb profile even using your mobile phone.

How To Create Jamb Profile For 2021/2022 Jamb Utme

To build a 2021 profile for your jamb you have three choices. The one you choose is excellent. This is why I am going to explain how you can make use of the three options to create a 2021 jamb profile.

The three choices are the following:

  • Sending SMS/Text Message.
  • Through the Jamb Website.
  • Using Jamb Android Application.

If you already have an account or profile in the official JAMB portal and you are required to create a new profile, usually for verification. Accounts that are newly created will receive a JMB PROFILE CODE for each new profile, starting today.

Take note of you must note that this JAMB REGISTRATION CODE issued by JAMB is the one you’re required to bring with you to the CBT Centre during registration, to ensure that you are acknowledged and registered by the educational body. The only problem we’re facing is whether JAMB will make the code available to profiles already made, and we will keep you informed about this.


How To Create Your Jamb Profile Via SMS/Text Message

To be successful in building your own profile using your cellphone ( test/SMS) follow the steps in this article.

Sends the name, First name, and Middle Name (where appropriate). It should be a maximum of 38 characters plus Two spaces after names equal 40 characters the total JAMB short code of 55019.

One number in a cell (mobile number) is available to only one applicant

The confirmation number is 10 characters sent to the applicant at the same phone number. It will be used to acquire the ePIN


To rectify a mistake in the candidate’s name, send an SMS message (from the registered number) “CORRECT Surname First name Middle name” to 55019

To find the lost confirmation code you can resend an SMS message (from the registered number) “RESEND” to 55019.

How To Create Jamb Profile On Jamb Portal

To create the account you want to use, we suggest that you utilize a Computer System, Laptop to create your account. If you prefer to complete the process on your mobile device, you should not use OperaMini, Google Chrome serves better.

To be able to successfully complete the first hurdle it is necessary to possess a valid email. You must have an account with one of YahooMail or Gmail. They’re the best mail service to use for this registration. If you do not have a Gmail account, click here to make one.

Once you’ve figured out the essence of Jamb profile is The following steps will help you make your Jamb profile that is successful.

  • Visit the Jamb Official website by clicking here
  • Close to the Post-registration facility, you will see a button to log in.
  • Click on login.
  • A new page will open.
  • Click on the create new account button to begin your Jamb profile creation.
  • You will be required to verify your email.

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