Royal Commonwealth society USA scholarship
Royal Commonwealth society USA scholarship

Royal Commonwealth society USA scholarship

The Royal Commonwealth Society USA is an organization that is non-governmental and made up of organizations and individuals who are committed in improving the quality of life for Commonwealth citizens from all over the world. The Society is a strong advocate for the values of the Commonwealth including the significance of education, equal rights and diversity.

Royal Commonwealth Society USA Scholarship

Royal Commonwealth Society Scholarship was organized by the Royal Commonwealth Society and its open to students who are pursuing a Master’s or the Ph.D. in the University of Canterbury New Zealand. It is the University of Canterbury is the oldest university in New Zealand and offers a vast array of courses for international and domestic students.

What is the Commonwealth? 

The Commonwealth is a political organization with 54 member states which include almost all ex-territories of the British Empire. The organization’s home at Marlborough House London. It encourages democracy, prosperity and peace by promoting the voice of the small states while protecting the environment. The current Secretary-General of the Commonwealth is Patricia Scotland.


What is the main purpose of the Commonwealth?

The goal for the non-profit Commonwealth is to foster international cooperation as well as to promote the development of society, economics and the protection of human rights in the member states. The association acts as a link between states of the Commonwealth and promotes collaboration.

The participants in the Commonwealth share a few common beliefs It is by following these ideals and principles that the Commonwealth can influence the international Society to the benefit of all mankind.

Eligibility to be eligible for The Royal Commonwealth Society USA Scholarship

The scholarship is available to those from nations belonging to the Commonwealth.

The scholarship recipients must be taking part in a full-time or part-time programme to earn a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, and be able to meet the academic requirements to be enrolled in University of Canterbury.


What is the process to apply to The Royal Commonwealth Society USA Scholarship?

Candidates must be approved for an advanced degree from Canterbury University. 

To apply for the admission sign up on the common wealth portal applicants must provide a copy of the passport, statement of purpose, transcripts, curriculum vitae, and personal details.

Postgraduate applicants at a university need to show their credentials proving their previous studies with the bachelor’s degree, or a degree or any combination thereof that are considered as equivalent.

Applicant that win the scholarship will also be given a maximum of $2500 each.

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