Rules for News Writing and Reporting
Rules for News Writing and Reporting

GENERAL Rules for News Writing and Reporting

The rule guiding news writing and reporting, this are rule that is laid down for all news writer and reporter, to obey while writing or reporting the news. In this section, we are going to explain the dos and don’ts of all news writers and reporters.

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  1. Do not editorialize:
  2. Always use simple words
  3. Keep him/herself out of the story
  4. Keep other reporters out of the story
  5. Do not make a judgment
  6. Avoid the use of unfamiliar jargon
  7. There must be perfect accuracy in writing and reporting
  8. Avoid the use of “told me,” “told this writer” or told our reporter
  9. Guard against the publication of libelous statement
  10.  There must be no willful distortion of facts in either news or headlines
  11. All news copy must be typewritten and double-spaced
  12. The first page must carry the reporter surname, a slug line, and date in the top left-hand corner
  13. Start your story halfway down the first page
  14. Each page must be numbered
  15. Always make lead interesting
  16. Make use of the inverted pyramid format when writing your news story
  17. You must quote accurately
  18. Use “said” if you want to write in the present tense and, “said that” if it is reported speech
  19. Always read your copy carefully and connect all typographical spelling and grammatical mistakes before turning it
  20. Your copies must be submitted in duplicate and both copies must be properly edited
  21. Never underline words or titles of books in your copy
  22. Do not exaggerate
  23. Beware of adjectives


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