Solutions To Issues In Sending NIN To 55019 For JAMB Profile Code
Solutions To Issues In Sending NIN To 55019 For JAMB Profile Code

In this article am, am going to list out and explain how the solution to issues in sending NIN to 55019. Though to register for the 2021 UTME, candidates are required to create a profile code by sending their names to 55019 and receive their profile code immediately. Yet some are still facing one or two issues when processing this.

SMS Sending Failed

One of the major issues candidates encountered when trying to send their NIN to 55019 and create their profile code is SMS sending failed. There are some factors through which this error occurred, they are:

  1. Insufficient Airtime
  2. Your Sim Is New
  3. You are using Airtel or Etisalat
  4. Your sim cannot send messages.
  5. You are using a SIM that someone else has used to create his/her own code The Phone Number is not linked to your NIN

To resolve this issue, make sure you have sufficient airtime to send messages at least N50 or N100 airtime on your phone. Some candidates also complained that they were unable to register with a new SIM, if you have a new SIM card, ensure it is registered properly and confirm it by making calls or sending messages to another mobile phone for confirmation.


Have you tried sending the message with an Airtel or Etisalat line, I suggest you try an MTN or a Glo Line instead. In addition, make sure that the setting of your phone enables you to send SMS and also confirm if anyone hasn’t used the SIM for anything related to JAMB registration.

Invalid Character Found in the name supplied

To avoid invalid characters found kindly follow the guide in this section and solve the issue immediately. Whenever you want to send your NIN to JAMB, always cross-check it and make sure you send it properly. For instance, when sending the NIN to receive profile code candidates are required to send their SMS in this format: [NIN 00123456789]. Make sure is space between NIN and the numbers and also don’t use double spacing as that can as well cause a problem when you send your details.

Use the USSD option

Have you been waiting to receive the profile code from jamb and you haven’t? You can directly use this recommended method officially initiated by JAMB itself. All you need you to need to do is to grab the phone you use for registration and dial the USSD code (*55019*1*NIN#) to submit your NIN and Receive your profile code immediately.


A Temporary Issue

In conclusion, no matter how big or small JAMB processing and enrollment issue might be it’s always temporary. Some issues encountered may be as a result of a temporal issue which I just talk about or It could be due to a poor connection, network failure, or a technical issue from JAMB.

That is the problem is not permanent it will surely dismiss immediately JAMB identifies and solve it. So if you experience any of these issues or other ones not mentioned here and you have taken steps to resolve and you are still facing the same issue, I suggest you give it time and try again, for instance, you can give a gap of 24 hours or 48 hours for jamb to resolve the issue.

Still Having Issues Creating A Profile Code?

Contact JAMB, Have you applied all the steps listed here and you are still having issues rectifying the errors?

Kindly visit the nearest jamb office in your environment or visit jamb website for complaints relating to NIN. For instance, a candidate sends a message to 55019 to create a profile but does not receive any response or receives wrong data, he/she can visit Jamb Site create a support ticket, click on 2021 NIN-related issues then select the related topic on the dropdown.

Did you have a question or do you want to learn more about JAMB and its registration process kindly comment below? Also, don’t forget to share this article for others to read and learn.

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