The Summary Of The Life Changer Jamb Novel 2021
The Summary Of The Life Changer Jamb Novel 2021


The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli is the preferred English Text in preparation for JAMB 2021 UTME after sweet sixteen. Jamb employs recommended novels for two to three years before introducing a fresh one, but the Life Changer English Text was an exception. As such, all applicants must be able to read The English texts and answer questions that will be posted by them.

Today I’ll be sharing the life changer’s summary, words and their meanings, Questions, and solutions.

The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jilli Chapter 1

Bint is the eldest daughter(5 years old) is currently telling her story of a school with her meddling Social Studies teachers Mallam Salihu A.K.A I have a basic understanding of each subject.
The narrative was about how she replied to Mallam Salihu’s question(what is a good breakfast in French) in French, even though no one in the class understood that, and then she asked her own question, which Mallam Salihu was unable to solve until he sought assistance from a senior french teacher. This resulted in Bint being an icon to her classmates as they cheered and laughed around her.


Ummi(who was an official teacher, but she was not one to be a teacher) was the one who walked into the room and joined the conservation. She shared most of the opinion that it was not correct to test a teacher to their limits, and the teacher was an honest and humble person. So it was more beneficial for the teacher to speak to another person instead of giving students a wrong answer. However, bint didn’t agree with her assertion that the teacher claimed that he is too knowledgeable. The intensity of their conversation led to the conversation becoming animated.

The door was opened and a knock was heard. the door, it was Omar Ummi’s first son Bint’s favorite. he went out in the early morning wearing a white shirt and jeans. He was admitted to Study Law at the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Mom was thrilled with the admission and considering that Omar’s father was aspired to study Law but didn’t succeed. Ummi was then able to tell Omar that admission is a life changer. This is where the title of the novel The Life changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli was taken.

Teemah the second and jamilia the third child teased Omar when he asked if that he be called learned brother, excluding bint, who he claimed was an exception, and that she could refer to him however she wants. It’s safe for us to say that teemah and Omar battle over everything.

Everyone is in waiting for the father, who is expected to be home by 5 o’clock at night.

Omar specifically told his mother and sisters to not reveal to their Dad concerning his college admission since Omar wanted to personally tell him. It seems that, among the children in the family, none had ever used a smartphone before and only torchlight phones, therefore this would be a chance for Omar to become an active smartphone user. This led to the teemah-talking going and led to the reason Omar claimed that” jealousy and envy was the reason she couldn’t grow tall”.

The room was becoming hot and stuffy because of it being because the generator had a problem as well as there wasn’t NEPA over the course of two days. Ummi and her kids took a walk outside to breathe fresh air. There, bint and jamilia scrubbed their white chair. Bint informed ummi she was thirsty and wanted to drink zobo. Her big brother omar agreed to pay the bill but was turned down to teemah and teemah who said omar was a shill for failing to cover the Zobos that he collected.finally, ummi decided she would pay. (Note:Teemah sells zobo)
Omar shared his thoughts on taking his exams and scoring 230/400, how there is always a silver lining in the cloud, the essentiality of smartphones, the thrill that he felt when he found that his name was one of the handful of people who received an admission. He also discussed the reality that he prayed and read while others looked for miracle centers, and the fact that he was part of the elite.

Words to be spotted in chapter 1.

humorous: Full of laughter amusing, merry, or funny.
Eavesdrop: to listen to conversations.
secretly: in secret
meddlesome: Interfering
occurred as: become publicized; be made known, occur, or happen
fear or trepidation: A feeling of fear or anxiety over the possibility of something happening.
reverently: described as a state of reverence.
reverence: a deep respect for something or someone else.
in a subtle way: not drawing attention
rationale: is a collection of arguments or a logic-based base for a plan of behavior or conviction.
Intransigence: Refusal to alter one’s opinions or to be in agreement with something.
Spontaneity: the flow of discussion
belligerent: hostile, aggressive
providence: fate, destiny
animated: animated
intelligentsia: High-educated people
Chortle: to laugh in a loud, joyful manner.
ululated: howl

The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jilli Chapter 2


Ummi was a member of  the town of lafayette. she was admitted to study at the university.

Ummi’s Her father and husband signed the marriage prior to when ummi was able to get her enrollment at the university.

Ummi’s initial shock in her university experience was the relaxed attitudes of the student and the reality

Everyone wore casual attire and it was hard to distinguish between lecturers and students.

she continued to tell Omar she was a law student and are not the only one wearing black and white trousers. She then requested not to be disturbed.

Salma was a fair-skinned girl, tall slim, and bursty. Salma’s tightly fitting gown and sunshades make her look stunning.

Ummi’s initial encounter with salma came in the registration office.

Salma was last, and only 15 minutes late in the line. Out of frustration, she began complaining about how heartless lecturers at the university can be.


Salma had a conversation with an unidentified young man(lecturer) in which she explained to the policeman how he was

They were more effective than lecturers. She said that you can get the most convenient access to everything you have to pay. The men you pay are the girls you choose to date.

John was the person who was responsible for cleaning the office of registration.

Salma was in the departmental office and was introduced to the HOD department. She met MR Samuel Johnson. He was young, had tribal marks(signifying the betrayal of ancestral ties), and was a Yoruba person.

MR Samuel Johnson issued the Matric number:UGoo1 to Ummi.

Ummi’s experience overall in his department’s office seemed awful and brought back memories of Salma’s experiences.

She was enraged by three things: the fact that the HOD said she was dear to him, his admiration for her clothes, and lastly, the remarks “You are better than I imagined” which led her to make use of her Toilet excuse.

Salma had completed all her formalities by 4 pm when she got on the tricycle (keke na pep) and then went to her home for food with her Husband(was not home from work right now)

Samuel Johnson Samuel Johnson is a friend of Ummi’s husband. He also assisted Ummi’s admission.


Look out for the words in chapter 2.

possibly: maybe or perhaps.
incompetence: Ineptitude refers to a lack of knowledge or capacity.
foreboding: A sense that something bad is about to befall you; a fearful fear.
uncontrollable:not able to be managed or restricted.
Recalcitrant: being stubbornly indifferent to the authority of or discipline.
shouting: talk irresponsibly, indiscreetly or in excess.
bewildered: puzzled, confused, or confused.
secretive: is kept under wraps particularly because it could not be appraised.
enhanced: to make it more prominent or more prominent.
powerful: Inspiring admiration or fear through being huge, powerful and intense.

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