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It is very important for students to know the types of news stories and how it works. The challenge of news classification should not be seen as a simple one. This is because the characteristic of one particular story may be familiar with another type of story. For example, the difference between an in-depth story and an investigative story is purely a matter of degree of thoroughness. There are four major types of news stories:

  1. straight forward news stories: this is a common news report. Most of the stories published in our commercial newspaper are examples of straightforward news stories. This type of story is objective and anchored on facts. The reporter adds or subtracts from the fact on which the story is based. It also requires the use of 5W&H. There are five types of straightforward news:

    types of straightforward news

    • Hard news: hard news story deals with government, economic, social, and political policies.
    • Soft news: this is a story about trends, fashion, entertainment, personalities, and lifestyle.
    • Human interest news: this is a type of story that arose human feeling and conjure up sentiment and emotion in the person who read them.
    • The expected news: this is a type of story that people planned for.
    • Unexpected news: this is a type of new story that happened unexpectedly, it takes people unaware. Examples include murder, accidents, kidnapping, and a lot more.
  2. Investigative news story: this is a type of news that focuses on the pursuit of information that has been concealed. It requires digging out of fact, the reporting handling investigative reporting is called undercover reporters.
  3. Interpretative news story: this is a form of a story in which the reporter is free to interpret the news the way he or she views it. He/she is allowed to inject bias but experts opinion, editorialize and pass comments on the fact being reported.
  4. In-depth news story: this is a complete quality news reporting, it needs the full treatment and it needs background. An in-depth news story requires creative thinking and deep imagination on the part of the reporter and writer.

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