Overview of Pharmacy (pharm D) in Unversity of Benin

UNIBEN is one of the universities in Nigeria that offers their student’s pharmacy courses and awards them with the Doctor of Pharmacy degree which is commonly known as Pharm D

Students are admitted to their school in two ways either via Jamb (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) or through (Jupeb) Direct Entry

Required Jamb Subjects for Pharmacy

These are jamb subject combination for pharmacy course in Unversity of Benin includes:

  • Jamb Use of English
  • Physics
  • Biology and
  • Chemistry

Ps: Mathematics is not included so it is not needed in jamb for those who are studying pharmacy


Jamb and Post Utme Score

For students who wish to study pharmacy, Pharmacy is a very competitive course in Nigeria that would require you to target a very high score than the score required for other courses.

what I mean by target high score, a student who wishes to be admitted to study pharmacy course in Unversity of Benin must score
at least score 200 to qualify for Post Utme. But scoring 200 in Jamb, has you score in Post Utme still won’t guarantee you admission into the Faculty of Pharmacy in Uniben.

You must get 270 and above in the jamb examination to be accepted in the Faculty of Pharmacy in Uniben.

O’ level Requirement

you will need a minimum of five (5) credits in your core course which is mentioned below:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics and
  • Chemistry

in your, O’ level result candidate must pass English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology at a credit level
in i.e WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB. mathematics is required which is necessary for the student to pass which is not included in
Jamb Examination as a compulsory subject to sit for. It is equivalent at not more than two sittings.


Departments in Faculty of pharmacy UNIBEN

Below are the list of the department in the faculty of Pharmacy in Uniben, the B Pharmacy course offered in UNIBEN is somehow different
from other schools offering then B pharmacy course.

  • Deparment of Pharmacognosy
  • Department of Pharmaceutical microbiology
  • Department of pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Pharmacology and toxicology
  • Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
  • pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology

Courses of study in faculty of pharmacy UNIBEN

  • Doctor of Pharmacy

UNIBEN 100 level Pharmacy Courses

100 LEVEL (PRE-DEGREE) Those courses are usually taken in the faculty of Science and General Studies Unit

Course Code Course Title (Credits, hours)

1st Semester

PHY100 – Practical Physics (-credit)

PHY111 – Mechanics Thermal Physics & Properties of Matter (3 credits)

PHY113 – Vibrations, Waves & Optics (3 credits)

CHM101 – General Chemistry I (3 credits)

CHM103 – Organic Chemistry I (3 credits)

BOT101 – Diversity of Organisms (3 credit)

ZOO101 – Introductory Ecology, Genetics, and Evolution (4 credits)

GST111 – Use of English (2 credits)

GST112 – Philosophy and logic (2 credits)

2nd Semester

PHY100 – Practical Physics (2 credit)

PHY124 – Electromagnetism & Modern Physical (4 credit)

CHM102 – General Chemistry II (3 credits)

CHM104 – Organic Chemistry II (3 credits)

BOT102 – Plant forms & Functions (3 credit)

ZOO102 – Diversity of Animals: History, Physiology & Embryology (4 credits)

GST121 – Use of English II (2 credits)

GST122 – Nigeria People and Culture (2 credits)

GST123 – History and Philosophy of Science (2 credits)

Total of 48 Credits


UNIBEN 200 level Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

PHM215 – Ancillary Mathematics I (2 Credits,30 hr)

PHS212 – Introductory and Blood Physiology (2 Credits,30 hr)

PHS213 – Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology (2 Credits,30 hr)

PHS201 – Physiology Practical (-Credits)

BCH219 – Biochemistry 1 (4 credits, 60hrs)

ANT212 – Basic Anatomy (1 credit, 30hrs)

PMB212 – Principles of Pharmaceutical Microbiology (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCH212 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCG211 – Practical Pharmacognosy (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCG212 – Introduction to Pharmacognosy (2 credit, 30hrs)

PCT212 – Introduction to Pharmaceutics (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCT201 – Practical Pharmaceutics(Dispensing) I (-credits)

2nd Semester

PHM225 – Ancillary Mathematics II (2 credits, 30hrs)

PHS224 – Renel, Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Physiology (2 credits, 30hrs)

PHS225 – Neurophysiology and Special Senses (2 credits, 30hrs)

PHS201 – Physical Practical (1 credit, 45hrs)

BCH229 – Biochemistry II (2 credits, 30hrs)

ANT222 – General Embryology, Teratology and Genetic Anatomy (3 credits, 45hrs)

PMB221 – Practical Pharmaceutical Microbiology I (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCH221 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical I (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCH223 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical II (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCT201 – Practical Pharmaceutics (Dispensing) I (1 credit, 45hrs)

Total of 39 credits

UNIBEN 300 level Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

PCO312 – General Principles of Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCO313 – Autonomic/Neuro-Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCO301 – Practical Pharmacology I (-credits)

PCN310 – Basic Computing and Information Technology (3 credits, 75hrs)

PMB312 – Disinfection, and Sterilization (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCH311 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical II (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCH312 – Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I(3 credits, 45hrs)

PCG312 – Medicinal Plants and Alternative Medicine I(2 credits, 30hrs)

PCT312 – Pharmaceutical Technology I(3 credits, 45hrs)

PCT301 – Practical Pharmaceutics (Dispensing) II(3 credits, 45hrs)

2nd Semester

PCO324 – Systemic Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCO301 – Practical Pharmacology I(1 credit, 45hrs)

PMB321 – Practical Pharmaceutical Microbiology II (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCH323 – Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCG322 – Medicine Plants and Alternative Medicine II (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCG321 – Practical Pharmacognosy II (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCT323 – Physical Pharmaceutics (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCT301 – Practical Pharmaceutics(Dispensing) II (3 credits, 45hrs)

Total of 37 credits

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UNIBEN 400 level Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

PPR412 – Pharmacy Management/Entrepreneurship I (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCN412 – Clinical Pharmacokinetics (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCH412 – Medicinal Chemistry I (3 credits, 45hrs)

PIT401 – Industrial Training (4 credits, 64hrs)

PCT412 – Pharmaceutical Technology II (3 credits, 45hrs)

2nd Semester

PCO421 – Practical Pharmacology II (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCO423 – Central Nervous System Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCO423 – Chemotherapy (2 credits, 30hrs)

PMB421 – Practical Pharmaceutical Microbiology III (1 credit, 45hrs)

PMB423 – Sterile Products Formulation and Immunology (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCH421 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical III (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCG422 – Phytochemistry (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCG421 – Practical Pharmacognosy III (1 credit, 45hrs)

PCT421 – Powder and Tablet Technology Practical (1 credit, 45hrs)

Total of 37 Credits

UNIBEN 500 level Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

PCO512 – Endocrine/Autocoid Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCO513 – Haemopoietic/Biochemical Pharmacology (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCN512 – Pharmacotherapeutics (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCO513 – Patience assessment and Drug administration (2 credits, 30hrs)

PPR512 – Pharmacy Practice (2 credits, 30hrs)

PMB512 – Microbial Chemotherapy and Bacterial Genetics (3 credits, 45hrs)

PCH511 – Pharmaceutical Analysis Practical (1 credits, 45hrs)

PCH512 – Medicinal Chemistry II (2 credits, 45hrs)

PCG512 – Phytochemistry II (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCT512 – Formulation and Production of Phytomedicines (2 credits, 30hrs)

2nd Semester

PTX522 – Toxicology (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCN521 – Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship (3 credits, 135hrs)

PCN522 – Pharmacotherapeutics II (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCN524 – Advanced Communication Skills (2 credits, 30hrs)

PPR522 – Pharmacy Practice II (2 credits, 30hrs)

PMB523 – Preservation and Fermentation Biotechnology (2 credits, 30hrs)

PTC522 – Biopharmaceutics (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCT523 – Dosage Form Evaluation and Drug Stability (2 credits, 30hrs)

Total of 40 Credits

UNIBEN 600 level Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

PCN610 – Biostatistics, and Biocomputing (2 credits, 60hrs)

PCN611 – Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship II (7 credits, 315hrs)

PCN612 – Pharmaceutical Care (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCN612 – Pharmacotherapeutics III (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCT612 – Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Technology (2 credits, 30hrs)

PMB612 – Infectious Disease and Pathogenesis (2 credits, 30hrs)

PHV612 – Veterinary Pharmacy I: Common animal diseases (2 credits, 30hrs)

PPJ601 – Project(-credits)

2nd Semester

PPJ601 – Project (4 credits, 180hrs)

PHV622 – Veterinary Pharmacy II: Therapeutics (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCN620 – Drug Information Service (2 credits, 60hrs)

PCN621 – Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship III (7 credits, 315hrs)

PCN622 – Introduction to Public Health (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCH622 – Pharmacotherapeutical Analysis (2 credits, 30hrs)

PCN625 – Seminar (1 credit, 15hrs)

Total of 41 credits

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