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“Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non personal presentation of idea, goods and services to a main audience by an identified sponsor”

Roles of advertising

The roles performed by advertising in a company promotional activities are as follows:

  1. Advertising reminds consumers about the product.
  2. Advertising encourages middleman to handle the product.
  3. It provides entertainment to consumers.
  4. It also informs consumers about changes in a company marketing strategy (price change, product improvement.)
  5. Advertising plays an important role at the introduction of a new product by creating awareness about the existence of the product.


Types of advertising

There are two types of advertising, product advertisingand institutional advertising.

  1. Product advertising: This is the type of advertising that inform and stimulate the market about a company product or use a certain service.
    • Pioneering advertising
    • Competitive advertising
    • Comparative advertising
  2. Institutional advertising: Institution advertising is designed to build a favorable image for a business organization in the mind of the public. Rather than selling a product, institution advertising aims at creating a proper and favorable attitude towards the advertisers. The audience of institutional advertising is:
    1. The public.
    2. The investment committee unity compromising of a stockholders.
    3. The customers
    4. The employees

Issues in institutional advertising include:

    1. Demonstrating the organization’s role and concern in the community affairs.
    2. Presenting information, raising points on public questions or sometimes examine problems in the society.
    3. Presenting health and general information of interest to consumers.

What is personal selling?

Personal selling: This is direct face to face experience between a company and its customers. It therefore brings the customer into the realization of the purpose of the product, of the promotion in the sense that it involves oral presentation and physical manifestation of the product.

Process of personal selling

  1. The pre approach
  2. The sales approach
  3. The sales presentation
  4. Demonstration
  5. Handling of objective
  6. Follow up

The role of personal selling

  1. Selling the product.
  2. Servicing of exciting accounts (customer)
  3. Searching and obtaining new account.
  4. Scoring and maintain customer’s co operative in stocking and promoting the product line.
  5. Providing the technical services and assistance to customers.

Advantage of personal selling

  1. Personal selling gives the opportunity to demonstrate the product.
  2. There is flexibility which allows the salesman vary the message according to each individual’s condition.
  3. There is less of message wastage in personal selling as only qualified prospects are made the focus of the message.
  4. Personal selling is most effective in tackling objection raised by prospects.

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