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Literature doesn’t have a particular definition. The word literature is derived from the adjective “LITERATURE”, which means the ability to be able to read and write. It can also be defined as everything that is in print that gives instruction, information, and education to people in a broad sense.

The meaning of literature.

There is no particular definition of literature but literature simply mean the representation of life or literature is the mirror of life.

What are the two Major Types of Literature?

Literature is classified into two, below are types of literature;
  1. English literature: this is a type of literature from people who speak English as their native or their mother language. for example, literature directly from US can be classified as English literature, because it is from the origin.
  2. Literature in English: this can simply be explained as literature translated to English by people whose mother’s language isn’t English. for instance, literature from a country speaking a language other than English can be categorized as literature in English.

What is the Function of Literature?

  1. Literature educates
  2. Literature serves as a means of propagation of history
  3. Literature entertain
  4. Literature contributes to the use of language.
  5. Literature teaches morality.
  6. Literature stands as means of information.

What is the figure of speech in literature?

Below are the types of concepts used in literary appreciation.
1. Metaphor:
2. Simile:
3. Irony:
4. Litotes:
5. Allegory:
6. Alliteration:
7. Pun:
8. Apostrophe:
9. Oxymoron:
10. Onomatopoeia:
11. Personification:
12. Synecdoche:
13. Repetition:
14. Rhetorical question:
15. Sarcasm:
16. Diction:
17. Hyperbole:
18. Paradox:
19. Personification:
20. Synecdoche:

what are the genres of Literature?

What are the Genres of Literature

We have three genres of literature, each of these genres has certain features that make it different from others. Below are three genres of literature;
  1. Prose.
  2. Poetry.
  3. Drama.


  1. prose: the word prose is derived from the Latin word “prorsus” which means “straight on” or “continuous”. It is also a piece of writing that goes straight forward and continues to the very end.  The word prose is recognized by its use of a greater amount of words and sentences structures. The prose is made up of fictive and non-fictive work.
  2. poetry: this can be defined as the deployment of certain devices such as a figure of speech, feeling, rhyme and rhythm, stanzaic division, metre, subject matter in a body of words in order to express an idea.
  3. Drama: drama create or recreate human experience through acting. Drama is the representation of human action. Drama takes place anywhere such as, built stage, motor-park, and village square. The basic elements of drama are Plot, Character, Action, Scene, Setting, and Dialogue. The characters in a play are referred to as dramatists.

Types of Drama 

Tragedy: Plays written that is based on an issue of religion, social or personal problem. In the tragedy genre, many events are crafted in a manner that is apparent to the characters. The most important thing is that it’s not a narrative because it focuses on the actions. In tragedies the protagonist has the burden of a fatal flaw. often, the protagonist displays arrogance or pride, and the story leads to an inevitable fall.

Comedy: Comedy demonstrates the concept of rebirth. Consequently, this kind of drama typically begins and end with laughter and joy. The characters in this show are portrayed in humorous and absurd ways.

Melodrama: Melodrama is a form of drama where external forces cause the issue and, sometimes, the main character is the victim in the circumstances. The good and the flawed characters are presented distinctly.

Tragicomedy: This kind of drama depicts the real life or scenario in a real manner. In this type of drama, the characters and plot aren’t judgmental and the ending is unpredictable. It is an amalgamation of comedy and tragedy.

Monologue: this is when a character makes a speech that is long to a mute audience on stage.

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