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what is roadside trading?

Roadside trading can be defined as the act of displaying goods along the road, street or outside the gate of schools, companies and offices. The people involve in this kind of trade are called roadside traders. These kind of traders sell variety of goods, such as; book,cloth,food,snacks and lot more.

features of roadside traders.

  1. Operations are from a point – it is usually operate from one point, it doesn’t move about.
  2. Display ware in stall – they display their good in appropriately in form of stall.
  3. Operate low prices – the price of goods are very low.
  4. Stock variety of goods – different types of goods are stock in the shop.
  5. Found in busy road – it is normally found in a busy area both in an urban and rural area.


advantage of roadside trading.

  1. low price of goods – consumers can easily buy goods since the price is low.
  2. accessibility to travellers – goods are easily accessible to travellers.
  3. it require small amount of capital – roadside trading requires small amount of capital to set up.
  4. it stock variety of goods -it stock different types of goods for easily accessibility by consumer.
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disadvantage of roadside traders.

  1. goods are in limited quantity – most of the goods stocked are limited because the operation is in small scale.
  2. goods may be wasted – most good stock may not be easily sold, some may expire or waste due to low patronage.
  3. high cost of rentage – the cost of rentage may be high, as the result of this the the profit of the trader may reduced.

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Category of roadside trading

Roadside trading can be categorized into five:

  1. Mobile shop trading: mobile shop trading are where goods are arranged in a motor van and are moved from one place to another to reach the end-user (consumer.)
  2. Temporary trading: this is a type of trading whereby a company or business goes out to advertise their business at the roadside, the kind of equipment use In advertising goods in this type of trading are: vehicle, caravan, trailer, table, and stall.
  3. Event trading: this is a type of roadside trading that occurs when there is an event in an area. examples of events that roadside trading occur are festivals, camps, church anniversaries, etc.
  4. Not-for-profit trading: this type of trading is meant for charities or non-governmental organizations, all profits made in this location are directed to the charity or organization.
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